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Time outside 西安微信全城安排KG2: That folds the secr
发布时间:2021-03-15 00:00

" silvan great distance " Li Xiaojia / , this chapter in all 1996 words, update at: 2020-07-01 20:42

Had not walked along humble of doorway teach Han to experience a powerful smoke flavour is jumbly alcohol flavour blow on the face and the breath that come, she is a little strange, approached to just discover, with the door left unlocked wears original door, the door light jog opens, that pungent odour more very, their change arrives directly at lung into her pharynx and larynx, bring so that she wants to come the cough of dripping wet of a merry and lively, but she is unripe unripe kept back.

Walk into a house, there is very dim wall lamp only in the sitting room, clothings of of all kinds piled up dispersedly one ground, it is farfetched more on tea table and sofa, arrive in disorder she is unthinkable the person that he loves clean so is how to bear what come down and grow in such environment.

But the arrival that then the individual was not aware of her however, he dejected ground sits on the balcony to look at outside the Shanghai night scene with brilliant lights, there still are countless butt and bottle by his.

Teach Han humble is about to go by gently originally, but she walks not carefully however to to pull coal tub easily, hear voice that form just has turned round to come, thrill through of his eye ground instant when seeing her flurried, he stands up at once, it is to want to conceal all these it seems that, but the incomplete of more than raw meat or fish before dirty really too much, so that he does not know to should be packed up from where temporarily, be stupefied with respect to so slow-witted slow-witted ground unexpectedly was in over there.

See he is such humble of about teach Han does not have any censuring however, she is ad cool-headed face wanders only between Yu Sha hair, balcony, washing machine, ash-bin, the abandon that is him silently is clearing away remaining pieces.

See this case then the individual also feels embarrassed rise, busy before going up, will want be being grabbed with her do, but the presence that she ignores him however is general ignore. Her hands or feet is deft very deft, do not clear away this place a little while so this some model came piece.

That person sees state immediately red face, reticent ground is low first.

One buttock of teach Han humble sat on the floor of own wipe up, she sighed, mouth path: "Yuan Sen's elder brother, you is this why? Like to be chased after, is this the truth that you teach me in those days? More what is more,the rather that, it is you and her obviously knowledge is prior, you are one is assured and bold with justice, what are you afraid of? What are you afraid of??

Her word is exported, the blushing of that bit of be ashamed in eye of great distance dark swiftly disappears like that disappear, he looks at her, it is completely cannot believe, the speech that blurt out is taking the taste of a closely question even: "How do you know? "How do you know??

See he is such the bottom gas instant that Fu Han poors went 3 minutes, she is casting aside the mouth to slow slow say: "Am when spending the New Year, I to look for you to lend TOEFL the data? The clue that I discover in your room. The clue that I discover in your room..

Great distance dark more be extremely puzzled: "I had wiped the trace that has existed before obviously get completely. "I had wiped the trace that has existed before obviously get completely..

Teach Han humble is to laugh however, mood becomes mischievous rise: "The person calculates calculate as the day, you leaked to be placed in the wall to seam in that folds paper. You leaked to be placed in the wall to seam in that folds paper..

Great distance dark fails to pass her however this a few words searchs the memory that concern from brain, seeing he is knitting brows teach Han closely to poor is to laugh, but her mood becomes however rise indifferently, the eyes also waves insensibly to distance: "That is you are cast in those days volunteer when the analysis that does together, all sorts of each each cities, universities, circumstances ground of make a careful and detailed analysis is listed above. All sorts of each each cities, universities, circumstances ground of make a careful and detailed analysis is listed above..

The cerebral sea mile of great distance dark is abrupt if hearing her with respect to scamper, those are concealed at memory most in, those he thinks this all one's life won't again easily the place of lay a finger on was taken with respect to such hooks be givinged by her simple word, be without reservation to appear again in his brain, let him be confused by alcohol then drunk head has a headache suddenly be about to crack rise.

But appearance of his anguish ground did not earn Fu Han however phenanthrene sympathizes with half tiny bits, she stood suddenly from the ground, mood is insipid very, however word word gem: "Yuan Sen's elder brother, you once were me most bring think the elder brother that be proud, I had boasted with so much person those great achievement before you -- before the grade that you can be one individual take an examination ofing to visit key high school to in so short time internal cause a few, you also can be in and family member fall out, below one divides what money does not take case, insist to live in Beijing for that person gnash one's teeth however come down, but why, then the individual is obviously now beside you, you however can will the means with such him botch live? You however can will the means with such him botch live??

Her word lets the complexion of Yuan Sen become very ugly, but he does not have answer however, perhaps be to feel embarrassed, perhaps be sniff, ke Fuhan poors however go-by his this is silent, continue say: "On 100 days of banquets of Mu Mu I looked clearly that day, she is in in every case the place of less than of limits of your line of sight, you connect an eye move does not leave, you are cheated so that cross others probably, but are you cheated so that cross your? A few years life is brief nevertheless, if you plan,pretend before such people all the time not care a nut, stand high above the masses, after the person however ground of ghost of unlike of ghost of person unlike person is mixed go down, then I am to look down on you really! Then I am to look down on you really!!

Say, teach Han humble also disregards him as before blurred eyes, take build the coat face about on sofa to rush toward the direction of the door.

Should close sound " bang " when the ground rings, buddha of great distance Sen Fang is slept lightly from inside the dream general body one shake, after-thought that word that she just says, in his eye blurred with distracted gradually abreaction and go, answer become firm and persistent again rise.

He opens a mobile phone, the number that a Xian Shaolian fastens is found in address book, after brooding momently, he or dot fell to dial key: "Hello, old master, request you a thing, ask you to help me advertent the one tenor that leaves Lin Yan these days. Ask you to help me advertent the one tenor that leaves Lin Yan these days..

Had done not have a few days, that phone when great distance dark just began to negotiate with the staff member of cooperative bank was called, between his heart when seeing the incoming telegram shows part is clear, develop signal of the other side then, stand up to go toward window edge, glance to received the voice that hears old master to take excitement slightly then to ring: "Road always, liu elder sister is not in the home today, I just send Home Xu to collect this one belt to looked for excuse to go Ms. Lin. I just send Home Xu to collect this one belt to looked for excuse to go Ms. Lin..

Although his speech stops abruptly, but the meaning that instant of great distance dark understood him, one is like the smile that if not have,has ripples to come in his labial edge: "Good, I knew, many thanks you. Many thanks you..

Phone the old master there also ases if as if relieved of a heavy load is average, in the mood that can lie between phone district Yuan Sen to also can experience him accumulate that feeling smile: "Hey, good, I am then busy my thing went. I am then busy my thing went..

Hanged a phone, great distance dark is looked at to nearby the commercial building that Xu Jiahui takes, look at a building next bustling crowd, feeling instant chases confirmedly to be in between his heart since extensive in road family gene, meanwhile, the flavor of a contend emerges his mind, when the one achievement that if be in those days when late wind,he swears to surmount Lin Yan that kind.

Subsequently, the sky that he looks up to external cause seeing a window is layer upon layer black clouds and become dim again, a laugh that is aware of not easily shines in his labial horn and pass.

This rain, be to want next coming down after all.

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