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The 5th chapter 西安学生服务微信is confused
发布时间:2021-03-15 00:00

" snow evening arrives no longer " Hua Yushan / , this chapter in all 12851 words, update at: 2020-07-03 09:24

Preface: My world is more and more confused, the disorder divides northwest of not clear southeast to me, the disorder does not have method to me normal thinking, even if do not produce all these, I am really confused also arrive washed-up...

Time: On August 17, 2009

Place: Fine of Beijing stone night is villatic

Agent will fold a photograph quarrelsomely to lose Shi Yeqing before, angry to everybody Chi: "You this group of bastard are really enough still fierce! Hiding the truth from me to do so eventful! The high level shook entirely, still must follow newspaper office and media appropriate to talk for this... . " he remembers the future trouble that wants processing has a headache be about to crack, "Anyhow, the spot August also runs, your collectivity answers Korea to me, off off, the attend in a advanced studies of attend in a advanced studies, after follow-up music is finished, there still will be a bigger spot in China on November 1, it is busy next cross year of concert! " " that is to say, after answering Korea today, should just also come over the earliest to November 1 Chinese show? " the Shi Yeqing that Yao Shao looks at anxiously to be startled likewise, "After the spot November 1 runs, want at least when cross year when does ability come over? " " the company has not been placed now cross the date with year of specific concert, " agent is ad cool-headed facial say, "But what can decide exclusively is, your Shi Yeqing cannot go out alone since today, unless be to obtain the condition that the company allows to fall, you give any accidents again, cancel you to step the plan of year of concert! It is all activities that suspend you completely to be in China even! It is all activities that suspend you completely to be in China even!!

"What? " Shi Yeqing Jing anger, stand suddenly straight body receives the agent to gravity, "By what? I should see the person that I like, you by what block the way I? " " must then you also notice the dot is not? " agent is refuted, "You think I am ability knows these things today? I am open an eye to close a key point all the time, who you want again and again to be troubled by bigger more, how do I help you be hidden the truth from? Still like the schoolgirl of Bai Gefei manager what is more,the rather that more! The schoolgirl of in the world death ray? The schoolgirl of in the world death ray??

"She just adores case to be not elder brother just ~ is not love then! " Shi Yeqing had the impulse that wants to cry, "I can let those who come over she is clear, calculating is not for myself, however for her, also should let her understand this... . . " " request you to be in charge of good yourself first! " the fury of agent also is not controlled again, "You are in the spot so be troubled by, the song confuses all turn things upside down, whole company professions because of your romance, handling farfetched issue everyday now, you know as actor most what is those who abstain from, why do you make with the body even danger? Even if want to profession, should also discuss to fall with me? I am your agent! ! " " if I said with you, you are fixed do not help me... . . ..

"Do you want me how to help you? She does not like you to just do not agree to come namely clearly of the spot, you why even obstinately stick to a wrong course! A so good Wang Xiaomei beside you you are not known cherish, there still are a lot of schoolgirl lists that like you below my eyelid, why should disturb a when live very calmly originally ordinary schoolgirl? Besides, although still do not have conclusive evidence now, I very suspect she is other manager company jealous you in recent years achievement all the time pop chart continues to hold a title the first, look for her intentionally to infiltrate when spy so your band is in-house, destroy your feeling, achieve the goal that lets you divide splitting decomposition to come loose with this, that our company loss is significant... . . " this temper reachs broker the eye is red, "I am doing probe to her at present, do you think to there is hunter beside her? Have! And more than! " " be? Does that pig gather up to also be met actually does somebody like? " " can she be emissary really? Won't! Is spy very clever? Where can follow her so pig head ah! " see Wenqingyi and Yao Shaoyi the face is open-eyed, agent glare they are one: "Have of course, and as you, did earthshaking after the act that is without a meaning again, xing is defeated like that and return! " " why? ? " " does that pig gather up what is there marvelous? So insult a person! " " because she is to take Bai Gefei manager,reject the other side as excuse, did this issue you to understand? Her heart can give one far from, she is not a manager early all one's life with respect to the Baige such as ready-made! He can be your cousin! No matter he can see her in the future, how can you still follow the woman student that waits for him worry! Request you sober dot! Profession anyway also failed, answer Korea to go to me sober a few months! Fortunately she whats do not know now! You are unapt also too humiliating! " broker says to leave the scene, remain everybody to be immersed in a disorder in, the station has not answered a god to come in place for a long time.

"What! It is intended that that pig gathers up? " lukewarm Qing Yiyue wants to jump over fire big, "It is absolutely such, the wall has been touched on feeling before her, had the mentality that retaliates man of whole the world next, the man to going after her is so same firm! " " won't, the person that likes an animal should too won't bad... . . Is saying her emissary? Horizontal end up looks unlike ah! " Yao Shao is crooked head say, "But broker said, the style that she likes is not elder brother, can be to know you want to follow her confess, is she afraid that your brother embarrasses to just do not come in the future? " " how likely? Did not listen to her friend to say she has not cleared up a state at all? The existence that does not know Ye Qing at all? " " because she has sufferred an injury on feeling,that is probably, do not accept new sentiment easily next, just reject others ah... . . " " I say she is intended coquetry absolutely! Common man plays be bored with, resemble Ye Qing inaccessibly now such big star flies moth attacks one build dash against goes to fire, is she still over there show off complacent? Or say like agent in that way, it is emissary absolutely! ! Is a few woman students there are now Qing Chun? It is of outfit good! " " do not say so offensively, I think her is not such person... . . " " then you explain next present states, say not to know for the first time, also say the 2nd times not to know, we say to not be clear about with her just, her friend follows her 10 old feeling, still acting channel won'ts do? She does not believe we can forgive, connect her don't 10 old friends also believe? Connecting her friend to must suspect her is other manager company place in a certain position enter the spy beside us! ! " " can be her friend produces what misunderstanding in communicating a process, we cannot treat unjustly good person... " " my what without giving thought to! Because her again and again suffers pain to suffer from,I see Ye Qing only! I simply my brother is good! " Wenqingyi, "This kind of woman is character has problem, disposition to have obstacle, mentality at all abnormal also! ! What does she have to be worth Yeqing to like? Even if send me one lorry I also do not want! ! With respect to your Ye Qing so stupid ability becomes her is treasure! But but the family becomes the man careless, you more good when asinine liver lung! you more good when asinine liver lung!!

"You can not want to make a noise again! Original business is quite troubled... . " the conversation that Wang Xiaomei interrupted Wenqingyi and Yao Shao, beside the Shi Yeqing that goes anxiously to expression absentminded, tender ground stroke wears his facial say: "Ye Qing, forgot her, I beg you, since she does not come, state everything ended! You forgot her! Do not be her again sad be no good all right! See you this appearance, I am born simply be inferior to dead... . . " the eye sees Wang Xiaomei is about to stick Shi Yeqing to go up personally, everybody covers during the mouth is open-eyed, shi Yeqing is to resemble bedspring be like the ground to cry from the start on the seat more: "Do not touch me! " when the awkwardness that sees Wang Xiaomei, he ability is compunctious ground say, "I am sorry... . . I am honest now be too confused, request to make me sober fall... . " language finish, he is in of everybody a room rushs in be anxious inside, bury the head greatly into the quilt. "Chan Xuexin ah Chan Xuexin, how should I take you to do? " Shi Yeqing immediately the tear emerges like the spring, what charming face feels distressed into your person in instantaneous twist is cadaverous. He does not remember this is the a fewth cry for her, more write down removing this is the a fewth aching for her. "I do not have time, did not have really, be about to answer Korea next week, want to just will see you in November! After going back to the motherland hastily next, want to see you to year end ability at least! Fast will be December bottom, slow word perhaps is about in Feburary, at that time, case was not elder brother to come back at that time... . " Shi Yeqing raised tearful eyes in frighten, "What you can go with him at that time is right incorrect... . Not! Give me many a little bit time! I can save you! I can let what you understand you are not elder brother to case adore not be love, I can prove to see me to you capable to let those who laugh you are new! I can change your night of the fine! I just understand not easily gradually very much more you, in feeling you with respect to fast bona fide cuddle enters a bosom... . . " the cry that he rips a heart to crack lung lets the everybody heartbreak outside the door unceasingly, "How to do? Want me so much day cannot see you, how do you want me to should do? Is won't you be spy right incorrect? I do not believe me not to believe me! You won't be to use my person to be opposite incorrect! ! " at this moment, xi Shi hare is flounced off from inside the hand of the Yao Shao outside the door, mounted a bed sensibly, clever ground is licking Shi Yeqing's tear with the tongue, bend over quietly then beside in him, silent the cry decrescent that listening to Shi Yeqing. "Xi Shi hare, you tell me, want to use what method after all, does ability let me that not does the snow hare of have one's ideas straightened out know all these? " Shi Yeqing's eye is blocked up so that do not open by tear, "Does 100 tons carrot give airdrop the bomb shelter that can she make her active walk out of her darlingly? have to wants me to dig heart lungs entirely come out to look to her, she just knows inside have many after all red many ache! Just can be my consider next half second, run to comfort my bout so like you... . " magnify of stone night fine the mouth, tremendous anguish makes he can no more utterance goes down, there is too much mood to wait to erupt inside body, there is too much feeling to wait to handle in the heart, at the moment he is very confused, he begins to be in believe with shake in suspicion. "Chan Xuexin, a what kind of woman are you after all? Does true hereat meaning make fun of my person? ! " last cry let Shi Yeqing the everybody with bitter hatred outside the door.

"Be no good, cannot let Ye Qing again so cry, let me go in... . . " Wang Xiaomei just thought break into, thinking still is by Wenqingyi one barred come down. "Filial piety beauty, you listen to me to say, not be moment, not be really... " he is red say of have sth in mind, "I know you are afflictive also, we are afflictive, dan Yeqing still has her in the heart, it is her completely, the position that does not have you... . . " " right, it is fine, good for you for night to be, we still must help his bout again! " Yaoshao wipes key point with the hand firm ground say, "Help Ye Qing profession again bout! We this open and aboveboard stand in that stupid bunny before, let her young scrutiny understand Ye Qing's existence, be clear about her questioningly is after all why harbour intentions! Also take the advantage of this opportunity to become a put to an end! " " right! Look for her do accounts! Fine letting night sees well she is what kind of woman after all! " Wenqingyi two light that give out anger, "Fine letting night goes professioning again before her, this if she agreed, waiting for our penalty! If did not agree, take the chance to be able to want Ye Qing complete give up the idea forever! " his face about faces disturbed Wang Xiaomei, "At that time, the opportunity that is you! Long painful be inferior to short painful! Cannot again it is painful that because of her Chan Xuexin a person lets a whole world accompany her disorder to go down went down! " the look that sees Wang Xiaomei joins praise toward him, yao Shao's heart began to feel nervous. "My original idea can not be such... . " he cannot help talking in whispers, "Chan Xuexin ah Chan Xuexin, you were decided this time to death... . You were decided this time to death... ..

Time: On August 22, 2009

Place: Guangdong benefit city some street

The anger before anxiously of odd snow heart is looking at an eye colour Zhou Xiaojing, the friendship that is afraid that oneself inappropriate statements and actions lets 2 people once more greatly appears the crisis. "You take the mobile phone. " the mobile phone that Zhou Xiaojing has taken Chan Xuexin flatly, consult directly case recently did not receive an incoming message, when till affirm he wants the number that seek,putting amid, just sighed helplessly.

Chan Xuexin does not understand him err what, then mouth of ground of in fear and trembling asks: "How? " " I ask you, " Zhou Xiaojing arranges good feeling to ask, "Don't you receive strange telephone call? " " favour. " " is you know so very clodhopping behavior? If be the client that meets for the first time,call to you, because you do not have the number that saves the other side, are you also received? " " my job has a demand we cannot pick up the telephone casually, " Chan Xuexin is able to bear or endure strength explains, "As time passes I with respect to nurturance do not receive the habit that hears stranger telephone call easily... . . " " excuse! " Zhou Xiaojing gives him fill suddenly a cup of clear water, "Never mention it you are the psychological exercise evil influence that resists stranger! "Never mention it you are the psychological exercise evil influence that resists stranger!!

"I admit to also have this reason, but what do this have to concern? The telephone call that I did not receive you... . " " do you know you missed a lot of very significant opportunities? Do not receive strange telephone call because of you! " the case that Zhou Xiaojing recalls to he is scolded by the person such as Wenqingyi, cannot help fury make a psychological attack. But when the innocent expression that sees Chan Xuexin utterly ignorant when her, removed again compunctious. "Calculated, I inputted a phone on your mobile phone, very important, you must not be deleted, know? If stranger calls to you, you remember receive, have to receive! " Zhou Xiaojing a little after calm, take out 120 patience to continue to follow the Chan Xuexin say of frown, "Do not blame me to force you, you must make a change, even if was only! Two people get along to always should indulge the other side each other, cannot one-sided change goes getting used to the other side! Cannot one-sided change goes getting used to the other side!!

"You say I am more muddleheaded more! " say of ground of discretion of odd snow heart, "Meet a few times this every topic that we had discussed makes me very confused! Be like this, it is what phone after all so important, bring about you is do that urgent? " " are you to should resign? My husband held a person in the palm to look for a job to give you, " Zhou Xiaojing believes to beg Chan Xuexin, must give this a bad plan to lie, "So, no matter the other side hits you much later, remember must picking up the telephone! Should hear every word of the other side to go in and be written down firm! " the mood say that Zhou Xiaojing uses suppliance almost, "For this phone, do you know how many effort I expended? Do you know how many effort I expended??

"Thank... " Chan Xuexin dare not ask more again, her be used to is idiomatic and silent what continue to denounce a topic greatly as 2 people is terminative. She thinks originally, come back this can before second misapprehensive unlock, did not think of old topic does not have complete lane to understand, new difficulty comes once more again.

"When can you resign formally? You must escape completely over there, do not have time! " " still have a few stand in the way... . . " " the life that has adjusted you rapidly, otherwise you can delay the life of others cross, the life that does not think to there are you only on this world only ability is important! " " I... . . Meet hard... . " Chan Xuexin so having man-to-man talk with Zhou Xiaojing. Do not know when to rise, they chat from what keep no secrets from each other arrived to withhold, turned such now dealing with into finally the dialog of type again. She feels friendship by icebound lived, zhou Xiaojing is gotten more and more unfamiliar. She ases if to be in arctic personally, boundless and indistinct pricks white Xue Mang all around blind her eye, intelligence also follows promiscuous rise. She thinks what she returns warmth afresh to stand by her to clutch again very much in afternoon, but discover the distance with her is further and further however.

Shoot a glance at of week small Jing a surveillance after her person goes far, this ability express tone. Her watch sb go away is worn ground of desolate of odd snow heart after getting on a car, hit upon the impulse that wants to cry. "Goofy, I am not intended fierce your, it is you too sneaking! Yao Shao says, ye Qing has good opinion to filial piety beauty gradually, I know your nature, calculate rival in love to also won't contend for those who go grabbing before, but my friend as you, the person that you can rely on has me only just, I had be toed contend for for you go grabbing! " the scrip in hand of Zhou Xiaojing enclasp, "That is Ye Qing's number, if if he is hit really,coming, even if be scolded to abreact to also must be borne by him, who wants you not to go the spot? Do not go because of you namely the spot just by the person more and more misunderstanding you is dally with him intentionally on purpose! ! " eye nose of Zhou Xiaojing is in the instant is all and erubescent, "The course that wants to say to understand whole thing with you all the time is before, but you are not willing to listen; Know you are very confused also now, busy abdication, move, seek new job, but after all you still had the idea that wants to listen, but the family did not let me say again ah... " a tear slides from Zhou Xiaojing's face, "It is you missed an opportunity ah fool! Escape rapidly past requicken rises! Seize final opportunity! There is much disorder to cannot dread to escape again again after calculating! There is much disorder to cannot dread to escape again again after calculating!!

Time: On August 23, 2009

Place: Guangdong Dongguan some street

Chan Xuexin stands in bustling street, looking beside quickness and gallop car, be stupefied suddenly was in place. She cannot think of, abdication is met actually the trouble with so many uncover and dispute, more the assured source that does not carry new job and move wait for pressure. Of course, press in that the biggest stone in her heart, still be the Zhou Xiaojing that makes her confused even more.

"Be careful! " assistant develops the whole body beside lack of power Chan Xuexin, just parked a car before her with body cut, to managing driveway center personally she cries.

Hear hubbub, chan Xuexin from absentminded in sober come over, this ability realizes he is bumped into by the car almost, after apologizing feel sorrily with assistant and driver then, take pair of markets quickly.

"Good risk! Do I say that eldest sister is among the driveway what to send to stay? Want to commit suicide? " " her spirit seems one day to be inferior to one day Ye! Ye Qing, do you want to profession today certainly? " if listening to Wenqingyi and Yao Shao, the nerve that Shi Yeqing a moment ago stretched tight closely is pulled once more straight, give out what be about to crack to rip sound. "I do not have time, the plane in the evening answers Korea... . " Shi Yeqing bades to running back to the assistant that come, "Remember after the event saying with her friend, available belt she goes doing a general physical checkup, over there the body uncomfortable, why can stand in roadside so tired also, sit on board so tired also, had connected a driveway within an inch of... " " perhaps be too dedicated thinking certain thing, one time god! " assistant is comforting Shi Yeqing, "She has stood in the station, I was defended in the past first beside her, remind her you have a word to say with her, once be discovered if I can pull her to go. Childe your good in the agreement with respect to the station place... "

"You do not make a sound! " Shi Yeqing interrupts the word of assistant, outside standing beside her by the plan besides you, someone else get on a car to waiting. " " don't you need us to accompany you certainly? " " Ye Qing, do you want to be clear about? Here person is very much still, otherwise should search slant bit quieter place... . " " it is OK that I say I can be! " Shi Yeqing interrupts the proposal of good friends, sturdy face books the position to go. "He is go ahead regardless really Ye! " " of course, said with him yesterday so much, " the back say that Wenqingyi is looking at Shi Yeqing, "Also should regain consciousness, this secondary is to be rejected, abandon, abandon forever, he himself agrees! " " it do not look to give that Chan Xuexin what to have really is good to do not look to give that Chan Xuexin what to have really! Let Shi Yeqing go really? In case can lose discreditably big! " " what idea does that have? His eldest son likes food of such fir of mountain fastness edition namely! " of everybody be anxious to be being changed finally for the blessing, agglomeration communicates disturbed Shi Yeqing into force.

Chan Xuexin is low head, both hands is employing ear line, the new music of style of music of electron of stone night fine is transmitted in MP4. She tries to manage clear over and over the relation of she and Zhou Xiaojing, every are combed, this name always meets Shi Yeqing to appear innocently in this quite troubled already business of purpose, divide not clear primary and secondary to the fault, promiscuous her eye. "Hello, young lady, do you still remember me? " Chan Xuexin unplugs left earplug, face beside of stranger strike up a conversation, stem from defy psychology to be added congenital forgetful, just shake his head dimly to him.

Assistant sighed helplessly, he reachs this result early with respect to anticipation. This problem already was not to ask her for the first time, he also is not to see her for the first time this reaction. He sees 50 meters Shi Yeqing already stood in distance Chan Xuexin far locally, make the gesture that prepares confess, then face about remains the same to wariness very heavy Chan Xuexin bright show: "My friend has a word to say to you, you can face him to listen to him to say, the time that gives him 5 minutes... . . " assistant just said, hear the mobile phone is in shake, seeing an incoming telegram show is Shi Yeqing's name, then at once the voice end sideways pressing reports: "Can begin, I said to be clear about with her, but the distance may be some further, you approach a point again, the person is full still much, the likelihood calls loud point again even, be afraid that she is inaudible... . Be afraid that she is inaudible... ..

Chan Xuexin is knitting eyebrow to look at beside the stranger that picks up the telephone oneself is considered oneself again after this follows him talk to each other, allergy mood is rising to the utmost. She still does not have there's still time to understand the speech that he says with her at all, wanting to ask careful, did not think of to the other side gave her greatly sideways. She can'ted help remembering Zhou Xiaojing. Inherent she unresponsive is to hope can as sober as Zhou Xiaojing ground sits together so afresh the problem her have one's mind stuffed with is solved one by one entirely, but it is to differ every time she opens the 1st tie to the knot, the explosive mood that Zhou Xiaojing cannot abstain is increased at the back made 99 new forms. She is fed up with such sideways really. No matter be of week of small Jing,still be at the moment of this stranger. Then, she fills in earplug into afresh again sit ear, combed next long hair with the hand incidentally, hearing every word that Shi Yeqing sings seriously.

Shi Yeqing did the last deep breathing, chafing repeatedly with both hands face, if uneasiness mentions the curtain of night that comes round to raid, dark and ambitious, not know what to do letting a person. His snow hare is in the place that is apart from him to be less than 20 meters with respect to the station, his love is less than 20 meters place at the moment in him with respect to the station, as long as he is again a bit braver, as long as he is again brave, in the bosom that his snow hare can jump into him, in the dream that his love can enter him! He must be tightened piece, he fears her slow meeting contuses again his self-respect, he more be afraid that her camouflage is in slow the sincerity below, can be those who dally with him is acridity! He does not want so jealousy she, but when beside increasing person is such look upon when her, he has argued for her, distressed over- , sad over- , he does not want to also can have pair of her disappointment that momently!

"Say, do not say to do not have an opportunity! Can be I worn in the hold back in the heart this secret most year will see her again? How cannot I stop momently repeatedly! " the desire is strung together point-blank from Shi Yeqing's bottom of the heart litre to the top of head, he looks at the everybody that cheers to encouraging for oneself on street minibus, gave oneself the last encourage. "Shi Yeqing, cheer! It is yourself has said, if encounter again, should hold her hand absolutely! This is opportunity of your last time! Not be the hand that holds her have to firm firm ground put her! " him feeling of stone night fine is left to come by world place segregation, he and the Chan Xuexin that lower his head at the moment are remained only between heaven and earth. His ear again of inaudible also passerby make a noise hum, his eye also loses sight of passerby to make a round trip again the form of rock, there is her taste in his breath, what there is her in his temperature is warm, he cannot move a few steps self-restrainedly to reach, the center that stands finally in the world gives the sonorous news in pole of the bottom of one's heart to her loud cry:

"Chan Xuexin, I am Shi Yeqing, cannot enter the Shi Yeqing in your eye and heart all the time! Do you see me? I love you! I am looking attentively at you silently all the time! You lose sight of me to have nothing to do with, are you inaudible also? You this stupid blind bunny, I am here with respect to the station, a home to return to that you yearn for all the time is in the place that is apart from you to be less than 20 meters, I had heartened you walk out of face the first pace, you also can walk out of your bunny nest, walk out of the first pace bravely? There is harm in the world of love the meeting is very painful, but the meeting that accompanies to it has happiness and sweetness, do not be afraid of... . . " because het-up, shi Yeqing blurts out language of one big cross talk at a heat, sino-British Han Wen ran actually during, next lovely dance movement is the assistant that offends so that look attentively at him all the time and friends more cannot help laughing. Then the ground like his miracle discovers Chan Xuexin casts brief look toward his direction -- also be brief only however, her eyes is pale and empty, do not bring any feeling, look in other people eye even, one is contained to distain it seems that in inhospitality with mock. His anxiously looks at Chan Xuexin to be without reaction ground to continue low a thing in dallying with a hand, receive and still the scenery that ego ground has fastened a face to visit pair of country fairs. Anger and humiliate are double in Shi Yeqing's heart connect a root and be born, he uses the head that the hand covers to explode almost, the Chan Xuexin that cannot believe to see at the moment is cast apatheticly to him actually come cold face! !

"Young lady, young lady, are you listening? " aside assistant sees no less than going to really. The eye sees the Shi Yeqing of be ashamed into anger prepares to rush to come round, he is busy the Chan Xuexin that cries to still had not answered a god to come, "How don't you reply? But he prepares attentively very long! You such too hurt popular feeling? " " what were you a moment ago saying? I was not understood! " Chan Xuexin unplugs the instant of next earplug, see assistant holds an expression that cry in the arms, ask curiously then, "Excuse me how? Were you a moment ago calling me? " " are you hearing music all the time? " assistant moves close to Chan Xuexin beside, hear the ** share that new music of stone night fine transmits in MP4 instantly, then the heart calls pair of disappointed Chanxue, "A moment ago not was to follow you to say my friend has a word to say to you, bother you to listen? didn't you see? ! " " your friend? Where? " this answers Chan Xuexin muddled really. This gas must catch mad stranger to saying her to do the business of not clear state to her all the time almost before, till down the direction that he points to, she just discovers him distance 20 Mi Yuanzun is right locally, standing really the man that one build wears peaked cap, jumping to call the ground what to saying again again toward oneself direction.

"You do not tell me to did not see him! That friend that those who wear a hat is me! " assistant ask advice crosses Chan Xuexin hind after knowing, become aware, remind her to once more then, "What to hear he says not? Heard even passerby and look toward you in succession, how didn't you oneself hear? Won't always be to think to is he being performed or pat MV? " " is your friend talking to me? Be a station before Mcdonald's door that? I think is Mcdonald's recruits the actor that will do conduct propaganda to perform! " gas of assistant of a word general gets forehead straight fume, "Do I know him? Can I approach some see well his appearance? Person a lot of, the distance is a little far, it is not clear that I look... . " trying to go toward Shi Yeqing in Chan Xuexin when, transient person held off her outlet once more.

"Not! " assistant helps Chan Xuexin in the future, it is same hour almost, everybody from develop Shi Yeqing to the horizontal stroke on street minibus beside, in succession drag lives as worry as passerby Shi Yeqing.

"How to return a responsibility after all? " the facial features of that man that the eye sees the head wears peaked cap magnifies in his pupil gradually, still the odd Xue Xinben of head of be kept inside a drum-be kept in the dark wants to stand by more and more the crowd that jeer piles, but the arm that assistant helps him closely all the time is not put! Next, dramatic one act happened -- that peaked cap male overturn suddenly roadside a middleaged woman, the direction toward oneself rushs like blast. The figure that her line of sight passes as his howl and whisk, in the instant that brush a shoulder with him and passes, her right arm carried in spite of oneself half sky, fail finally however to be crossed high its half centimeters arm is captured closely. When when she has answered a god completely to come, discover assistant is in with a flock of people be apart from her to be less than 5 meters far holding that peaked cap in the arms closely locally male.

"Do not cry! Childe! Eldest brother! My day! My ground! Must not cry! " " she walks over, fasten phonate... . " the Shi Yeqing that the person such as Wenqingyi is pressing his suit to tear seizes the socket of eye and go out, pray silently in the heart all along addlehead Chan Xuexin cannot walk over in this quarter ten million, had better be as always slow arrive to did not see well at all even a chain of event that produces before! "Go! Remove rapidly! Face returns way! " " Where is that lady? " " assistant can solve! Go quickly! Or else goes, ye Qing's mood was about to erupt greatly, very quick meeting is recognized! " " unlock me, it is clear that I should look for her to ask! " Shi Yeqing thinks those who flounce off everybody to manacle to the utmost, cry with Han Wen, "Her not far in front place! Advanced face just! 5 meters! Perhaps be less than 5 meters just! ! It is clear that I should ask, doff the hat face to face she sees well! She ear of that pair of bunny eyes, bunny, the appearance that why loses sight of me namely, inaudible my sound! She makes fun of me intentionally... " " Ye Qing, you are nodded calmly... " Wenqingyi sees Chan Xuexin resembles is what to be aware of, ground of one pace discretion is worn toward their move pace, make a prompt decision then pull Shi Yeqing forcibly with everybody aside baby-sitter car.

"How to return a responsibility after all? " that middleaged woman that Chan Xuexin looks later and other liveried person pesters together, farewell head hopes to start the minibus of engine, she centers spirit to want that peaked cap since memory hard male the five sense organs, as if to be like really ever was acquainted, "If be stood by again good! The person that perhaps is understanding really lets sb know with me! " Chan Xuexin became crooked crooked head, "Incorrect, since be the person of understanding, why to differ is accost hit to leave again before I go up? " she is looked around subliminally all around -- street restored calm very quickly, passerby is in hurried shoot a glance at she is one hind, driving oneself road busily once more, the car did not suspend travel because of her, small shop did not close because of her, decoration of flowers and plants had not changed any positions because of her, as if everything never has happened same, the with him answer stranger it may not be a bad idea that a moment ago she sees, or it is the male it may not be a bad idea of that peaked cap that has developed at high speed beside her, or it is a flock of indescribable emerge in large numbers the person it may not be a bad idea in street, in her confused instant, disappear actually disappear! !

" I am like small Jing and colour really say in that way, I write a novel too passed, not only wasted all physical strength and energy, divide not clear reality and visional world actually now? " Chan Xuexin fears the ground is stroking a face with the hand, "A moment ago here has a flock of people obviously, the peaked cap that still one appears to be performed in Mcdonald's doorway male... " the thinking logic that Chan Xuexin thinks it is normal to use exceeds everything real issue is strung together together, "Next, next... . . " her anxiously seeks this sign of those people repeatedly in the crowd, "How to disappear next? Did I get crackbrained disease really? I should see a doctor really? " Chan Xuexin's head begins painful rose. At the moment her true good disorder is very confused. Even if without this momently depressed kink, originally her world stands in repeatedly unexpectedly to her with respect to already enough disorder not was aware of in the center of the driveway! "After all who is the individual then? Why can my arm can't help is ground upgrade raised? Am I in somnambulate? " Chan Xuexin is pale face, again any utterance of inaudible also anybody. She sees assistant seems to had run hurriedly, also say what to cross to the utmost to her, but after all a word did not listen go in. "Colour, I think, I should see a doctor really... . . " Chan Xuexin sits on the fair car that come home, issue a helpless information.

Time: On August 23, 2009

Place: Fine of Korea stone night is villatic

The cry, set up wild shrieks and howls that throws thing sound and blare to form soul-stirring, be in inky the turn that makes popular feeling sour since the noise in late night. "Ye Qing, you are fastened such! Bit soberer! Fast open the door! " " nocturnal fine elder brother, did not fall! Hurting oneself carefully! " " how to still hit do not open the door! Where does your key put not to know? ! Go down so again, ye Qing perhaps jumped to be over downward! ! " Wenqingyi toward the assistant growl of hurry-scurry, one has seized the tool in his hand, begin to try shovel lock. "Blamed bunny! Chan Xuexin you this only blamed bunny! Sooner or later you can regret dead! My Wenqingyi is the first person that does not let off you absolutely! " " my Yao Shaoye does not believe you again this bunny! " Yao Shaogong have sth in mind is beating the door with the hand, "Nocturnal fine elder brother, you are bit soberer, you did not lose face today, you are very handsome today! True! You still are the most perfect Super Star in my heart, it is that bunny bad! She cheats you, dally with you! We meet what vent our anger for you! It is good that do not shut yourself! " " Ye Qing, I am filial piety beauty! You are fast open the door! Do not mistreat yourself again! I beg you! " Wang Xiaomei takes the advantage of everybody an instant that opens door lock, the first develops a room inside, one holds malty Shi Yeqing in arms, "Did not cry again! Undeserved undeserved undeserved! Ye Qing! " uprear takes the Shi Yeqing that she will lose reason completely carefully to bedside, associated everybody in succession loot is worn the each thing that Shi Yeqing tentacle can reach, for fear that has edge tool cut again the skin that he fair-skinneds in vain originally.

"Be no good, I go taking medicine to come... . " " I go taking dispel the effects of alcohol... . . " " I... . . I take towel... " " we move Ye Qing to the bed to go up first... . . " everybody fluster is clinking, move the things all of whole villa to the room almost, when till see he can lie in what Wang Xiaomei accepts on the bed quietly eventually,be being taken care of, just install express of a person's mind tone. "A dead bunny is done so that our chicken flies to what the dog jumps! See me how clear away her! " " right! This kind of woman is real too abhorrent! Must punish her! " " is what of person blame wood merciless? Calculate man of whole the world to had lost you, you also cannot are opposite spoony below pure Shi Yeqing so the hand of firm ah! " Yao Shaoxi breaths out slowly, "Chan Xuexin ah Chan Xuexin, do not help even me this you! " " will come... . Honey water arrived... . " lukewarm Qing Yizheng is being carried full when a cup of honey just pushed the door to think, do not think however because excessive and open-eyed and overturn the cup in the hand.

"You how? " Wen Sheng in succession the one behind the curtain that close everybody sees happen inside the room, mouth face about covers surprisingly in the meantime, cannot regain consciousness temporarily come over. Wen Qingyi is stupefied be stupefied the ground stands in place, looking at Wang Xiaomei was to shuck off jacket first, next unlock bust, the length that scattering sends the intermediate move that heat up a kiss not to wake the Shi Yeqing of human affairs. A the sort of appetite that means in his dream is full of in her eye, but she gives not be him however however Shi Yeqing! Meanwhile, those 3 words of the loud cry relapse in mouth of stone night fine, as if beating Wang Xiaomei heavily heart like hammer. He saw the detest in her eye and passion, the heart that he sees himself is dripping for her blood, although there is Shi Yeqing only in her eye at the moment, but he still replaces her for those 3 words to catch mad unceasingly!

The door still was shut by soundless ground after all. Wen Qingyi asperses next cry on each other's shoulder in the flower for a long time, for him himself, also to have pity on foolish Wang Xiaomei. "This... . Which is this performing to go out after all? Say bunny and nocturnal fine elder brother that still does not have big ending because of viewing rate not beautiful is forced to chop a waist to die young, receive grade afresh the noon evening show that interest of one favorable balance of trade explodes? " Yao Shaozhi still is today a moment ago that one act and facial hearts jumps, "Nocturnal fine elder brother is he to loving that bunny greatly? How... the kongfu that how blinking... . . Follow filial piety beautiful a general term for young women she... . . " " drunken cause delay in work or business! Cannot blame him! One wishs to hit to wish to endure! It is filial piety beauty is active that I look! The man is in what whats do not know gassed moment, it is very normal also to happen! " " feel suddenly to seem very I am sorry that bunny Ye... do we abandon them really two without giving thought to? If Ye Qing awakes hind how should be troubled by! That fellow can be devotional Nazarene! " " what you say is what gibberish! Tonight Ye Qing so go mad, it is rise because of her! I look, flat Yao Xiaomei interacted to be opposite well with Ye Qing... besides, family all strips off light to be inside, you how does have the nerve go in pull a family to come out... " " either... . " voice of little indescribable cry out comes Yao, "I... feel cardiac place is good suddenly ache... . . Indescribable, not be I am lovelorn... . Not be the cause delay in work or business after my wine... . But why I am met so ache... . . Good disorder oh ~ how the issue is more and more complex ~ just pursues the matter with a so simple bunny originally, if she agrees early in the morning if, won't have this one at all, one that her still can continue to act, act to compare even " palace " ah of what romantic still... . " " because you are small still, too pure, wait for you to follow an elder brother when I am so big, everything of this experience is experienced with respect to this, of good apprehension of it doesn't matter... . . " although be being comforted so by the friend, but Yao Shaoshi cannot pass eventually in him heart that closes, connect the insipidity that board candy also feeds the wave that loves most, stay crestfallenly sit aside.

"Chan Xuexin... Chan Xuexin... Xue Xin. . ... . I love you... . I want you... . . " the trace that cent is not clear about is tear or sweat flows full Shi Yeqing and Wang Xiaomei's skin. His organic world had strong reaction, let him be in absentminded in the love that saw her snow hare brought him to want and desire. He is ineffable and excited rise, can no more stop.

Canthus of erase of ground of beautiful detest of king filial piety after last tear stains, seal the lip Shi Yeqing to crying out all the time suddenly that triliteral lip. "You are me... you are me... . . From at the beginning you are my person only... must not you call her, not OK not OK! ! !!

Time: On August 24, 2009

Place: Guangdong Dongguan some unit

After-thought of odd snow heart rises to was in yesterday that one act of street, still cannot decide it has happened really up to now. Of the job before abdication hand over task load one's writing with fancy phrases to be like hill, she just regained consciousness a short while, the mobile phone rang unsuitedly.

"Hello! " occupational disease of odd snow heart made, take a mobile phone to appear from inside the mouth the language of another name for Guangdong Province of a standard, did not think of to hear the other side to make a noise in however after hum, appear suddenly a Han Wen. "Hello? Which to look for excuse me? " the incoming telegram that Chan Xuexin is knitting brows to see a mobile phone go up shows, just about Zhou Xiaojing inputs in him mobile phone that day " sealed " the number of model of written characters, then equipment feeling asks strangely, "Do you make wrong telephone call? " if it were not for identifies this input " sealed " the number of model of written characters is the telephone call that Zhou Xiaojing tells designedly, press her before disposition, she won't be received absolutely listen to any her unfamiliar phone. At this moment, the phone appears that once more a chain of she is understood not Han Wen, then blurt out of her condition reflectingly answered with Han Wen: "What? " just blurted out discover oneself are done not have accessary on honorific, irritated as expected the other side, changed after using English Say Hello, turn once more an article that use Han is big to oneself growl cried, differ it is clear that she explains hang up of do sth without authorization phone. When whole process lasted 2 minutes or so merely, but the action that lets enrage the Chan Xuexin of impetuous to cannot understand the other side more with respect to be perturbed originally however. "It is my a slip of the tongue to did not say honorific, also need not so angry rapid still ring off? " Chan Xuexin tries to adjust state of mind, "Call look for me why to to say Chinese? If do not know I won't say Han Wen's word, can answer him to me at least brief the time of a few English! Do not give even this chance, scold me next ring off? ! What person? The friend that is small Introduction Jing really? How can you know this kind of person? Does so small Jing just meet what be taken bad? Pardonable her mood is so flabby recently calm, disposition also addle a lot of! " the bias that odd Xue Xinyue thinks to jump over him affirmation, everything what then breath of post a letter tells Zhou Xiaojing to happen recently allows her ineffable and wonderful thing. But prepare to press next sending when her the instant, she hesitated however. "I cannot disturb again small Jing, she has said with me she is very tired not merely, the life that does not want to pulling me went... . " a lose from the skip over before Chanxue heart. She puts down a mobile phone, in throwing confused job afresh.

Meanwhile, shi Yeqing goes mad was like the ground to break the mobile phone rare cling to sodden, one pushs the Wang Xiaomei that pesters his, the everybody growl to him block the way: "You go away! Barring I! Blamed bunny dare not say honorific with me actually! " " what did that bunny say to you? Agree to excuse you? Is your explanation clear about? It is drunken cause delay in work or business only just, are you still very pure actually... " " what does she say? Does she scold you? How incorrect do you say honorific? You say with me, I go scolding her! Her where is qualified say you... " " not be, nocturnal fine elder brother, does she listen to that bunny get language knowing Han? Can she say Han Wen? I seem to remember her friend saying she is met only little Ye... . . " " you shut up to me completely shut up! " Shi Yeqing growls thoroughly, "Be being hit originally think the explanation is clear, but she starts to talk to say I am understood not language, still need not honorific is fierce I! Xue Xin is angry certainly, she won't like me certainly, I betrayed her! It is good that I feel I am very dirty dirty! I do not deserve to do Nazarene... . " " either Ye Qing, I do not blame you to also do not want you to be in charge of, you fasten such blame yourself... " see Wang Xiaomei throws oneself into his arms actively once more, shi Yeqing overturns her suddenly go up, cannot accept everything before, developed a room.

"How to do? How to do? He is very pure, in case get ox horn how to do? " " can you make canon want to suffer punishment? Filial piety is beautiful you also oh... . . " " her what issue to involve? Is she also a victim good? " " you did not make a noise to request again! Present situation already very confused! Request you to be able to come down to think way calmly! " Yao Shao is pulling a voice to to all person growl, a suppliance is given out finally in cry, "Nocturnal fine elder brother is very painful now, I know filial piety beautiful a general term for young women you are very painful also, it is very painful that that bunny also is met, the friend of that bunny is very painful also, we are very painful, so, can to make a whole world so painful no longer, stopped all these disorder! ! ! !!

Genuflect of stone night fine is on the floor, uninterrupted fetch down goes to confessional tear on the ground, the water that forms a drenched popular feeling is smooth. "Sacred, I am sorry, I am wrong, my err, I am sorry, punish me... . " he cries out piously move, confess is worn, the hope can gain forgiveness. "But I cannot do not have Xue Xin! I cannot lose her ah... but I I am sorry again filial piety is beautiful... I... . . I am very confused... . Do I feel I deserved not to remove Xue Xin... how should I do? How should I do... . Who will help me? Who will save save me! ! ! " the inquiry that god did not answer him immediately. He takes the key in sealed future. No matter be to walk into him to lay that person that hit the target, or it is that individual in staying in other to be born finally -- no matter be Chan Xuexin or Wang Xiaomei, let him be immersed in unprecedented disorder in the center. However the answer hides in confused backside, he can hold out the past to go by only, ability grasps it correctly in the hand.

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